Personalized robot helpers act as motivator for patients

Personalized robot helpers act as motivator for patients


Robotic helpers may be the rehabilitation wave of the future, but they won't motivate patients too unless they're able to mimic human movements, according to new research.

UV light robot can kill 'superbugs'

A germ-zapping robot called Xenex is effective in cleaning hospital rooms and stopping the spread of superbugs, according to new research.

Future robots may help residents avoid falls, avoid danger


A robot that could help residents who have fallen, and send an alert when there's unusual behavior, is currently being developed in Europe, according to The Telegraph.

Nursing home robot sniffs out unwelcome scents, deodorizes air


Some Korean nursing home residents recently welcomed a newly developed robot that can deodorize the air after detecting the scent of soiled diapers.

Will robots be better therapists than humans?

An experimental "socially assistive" robot has been shown to get better results in elderly rehabilitation patients than human therapists, preliminary research finds.

Caregiving robots could soon monitor and lift long-term care residents in Japan

Engineers in Japan have created a caregiving robot to help busy nursing home workers who lift residents roughly 40 times per day.

Now available: Robot for pet therapy


He is a sweet furry creature named Paro, and, yes, he's a robot. So what's the problem?

Mechanical seal sparks debate over robots' role in eldercare

Paro, the robotic baby seal designed to reduce stress and lift the spirits of elderly individuals, has sparked an ethical debate over the role these types of "medical devices" should play in eldercare.