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Inside Long-Term Care 2019: MatrixCare

[PARTNER CONTENT] Gary Pederson, executive vice president of connected health and wellness at MatrixCare, shares with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News some of the exciting new developments at the company, including its recent acquisition by ResMed and its initiatives in the health and wellness space, supporting communities with the technology to help keep their residents out of the hospital.

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: Pioneer

[PARTNER CONTENT] Is your facility powered up to handle the critical computing necessary in the modern LTPAC community? Ian Gelenter, senior vice president at Pioneer, discusses what’s required, and how it impacts outcomes and real-time documentation.

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: VCPI

[PARTNER CONTENT] Given the dazzling array of technology options available to operators, it’s easy to get distracted by all the “shiny new objects.” At VCPI, explains Gary Jones, GM of customer experience, the goal is to help operators understand what makes sense for their business. VPCI takes the guesswork out of IT, so operators can focus on their core competencies.

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: Sharps Compliance

Wanda Lingner, director of regulatory compliance at Sharps Compliance, shares her expertise in medical waste management, detailing some of the different methods for medication disposal in long-term care facilities – including how the EPA’s new rules impact communities. Lingner, who has RN and BSN designations, also reveals how the company’s MedSafe receptacle saves LTC communities money and staff time.

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: MatrixCare

[PARTNER CONTENT] Dr. Dheeraj (Dr. Raj) Mahajan, chief medical officer and executive vice president of MatrixCare, is on a mission: to bring the capabilities offered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology advancements to the post-acute environment. One example – using the long-term facility’s own data for risk-prediction models. Dr. Raj shares his vision – and how becoming a part of the MatrixCare team will allow him to bring his vision to life.

Peter Feeney

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: HealthCap

[PARTNER CONTENT] HealthCap CEO Peter Feeney and staff attorney Christina Nechiporchik discuss why skilled nursing facilities should consider arbitration agreements with their residents. The number one reason? The agreement helps reduce claims.

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: Prime Care Technologies

[PARTNER CONTENT] Strategic staffing is key to an efficient operation within today’s skilled nursing facility. In this video, Cheryl Field, chief product officer for Prime Care Technologies, describes how the company’s platform, primeVIEW dashboard, leverages data to ensure maximum staffing efficiency to the facility, ultimately driving ROI.

Inside Long-Term Care 2019: Partners Pharmacy

[PARTNER CONTENT] Skilled nursing centers are tasked with caring for sicker and sicker patients and residents, notes Anthony Spero, chief operating officer of Partners Pharmacy, speaking to McKnight’s Long-Term Care News at the 2019 American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living Convention and Expo in Orlando. The company’s Advanced Pharmacy Solutions’ remote dispensing technology in effect brings the pharmacy to the facility, ensuring that there never is a delay in care.

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