Do you think the skilled nursing job slide is finally coming to an end? That may not be the case, especially when we look at staff in key building-level leadership roles. The 2022 McKnight’s Mood of the Market paints a still-dark picture when it comes to job satisfaction. In the fourth year of surveying nurse leaders and administrators, more respondents than ever told McKnight’s they are seriously considering leaving their jobs. And it’s not all about pay.

Listen as Cara Silletto, a sought-after HR expert, breaks down the numbers with us and goes deeper to look at what’s driving the perpetually bad mood, and how nursing home operators can start to shift their thinking about pay, benefits and workload.

“Historically, we have been a profession of people who felt called to serve,” Silletto says. 

“We should continue recruiting with that at the forefront and try to draw in those folks. But unfortunately, there are not as many ppl today that we find who are going to stay in a position that either doesn’t pay them well enough or forces them to make sacrifices at home….We absolutely cannot think that pay will just solve the problem or even being mission-driven and tying things into the meaningfulness of their job. That is not going to cut it long-term.”

This conversation led by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News senior editor Kimberly Marselas will reveal key 2022 data points, including a few bright spots, and leave providers with some key areas to focus on in their recruitment and retention efforts.