StaffConnect, a provider of mobile employee engagement solutions, announced its new eBook has been released.

“How Can Enterprises Overcome the Global Employee Engagement Crisis That Impacts 2.7 Billion Deskless Employees” looks at how individuals often become disengaged and outlines the use of mobile technology as a way to reverse the trend.

Too many deskless employees receive too little communication to perform their jobs effectively, according to Tribe Inc.These individuals may find themselves dealing with:

  • Limited or no access to desktop or laptop computers
  • No company email address or limited access to email
  • No access to a company intranet
  • No or infrequent access to company notice boards
  • Printed company newsletters are infrequently produced and quickly become out of date
  • Limited communication/collaboration with peers in other locations
  • Limited feedback or communication from line manager
  • No access to corporate documents on the go  
  • Limited or no access to company news and updates

The eBook lists solutions that include a platform that can allow deskless workers to receive real-time updates and ability to access company information using a mobile app.

“In a world that’s increasingly digitally driven and focused — combined with a shift toward a workforce that is now primarily deskless — the key to increasing employee engagement is integrally connected to technology,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect. “To effectively drive engagement across the entire organization, businesses need to  implement mobile-enabled apps that are capable of reaching every employee and delivering an engaging user experience. This prevents the silos between office- and field-based employees and facilitates a more unified and positive culture that ultimately leads to better performance, retention and customer satisfaction.”