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NY man suspected of trying to smother nursing home resident ... Medicare agency publishes QIO evaluation criteria ... TX nursing home deaths raise questions about mentally ill residents

Don't consolidate quality groups to regionals: AHCA

Don't consolidate quality groups to regionals: AHCA


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services should not waver from its long-standing support of state-based quality improvement organizations, the American Health Care Association and nearly 50 other organizations have told government officials.

AHCA: Changing QIO structure would compromise skilled care


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services should preserve state-based quality improvement organizations for Medicare oversight, according to a large number of healthcare groups, including the American Health Care Association.

Future of Quality Improvement Organizations the focus of special Open Door Forum


Providers interested in the future development of Quality Improvement Organizations will want to clear their schedule for 12:30 Eastern Time on Thursday. That's when The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will host an extra edition of its popular Open Door Forum conference call series. The 90-minute session will delve into future possibilities of QIOs, which bring together providers, clinicians, residents and patients to pursue wide-scale improvements and spread best practices in resident and patient care.

MedPAC wants 'fundamental change' for Quality Improvement Organizations

Technical assistance funding would shift from Quality Improvement Organizations to low-performing providers if the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has its way. Providers would become more active in the process if they were allowed to select their own QIO, as opposed to having a connection dictated by a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services contract, MedPAC commissioners maintain.

CMS needs to improve QIOs' reporting of cost, volume related to quality-of-care reviews

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services cannot be certain that it is budgeting accordingly for Quality Improvement Organizations' (QIOs) quality-of-care reviews because of potential reporting errors. That is a according to a report released this week by the Government Accountability Office.