Wound care supply company launches new packaging

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Advanced Tissue is launching a new QR-coded Smart Pac as the latest version of Advanced Tissue's patient-centric unit dose packaging, the company said.

Long-term care facilities will continue to receive resident wound care supplies in customized unit dose packaging. The QR coded Smart Pac technology is expected to be added in late 2016.

It will include all materials for one dressing change and provides simple access to a variety of wound-care-specific information to assist patients and their caregivers by way of videos and online communication tools, the company said.

“We believe it is important to use available technology to train, educate and inform patients about wound-care-related topics such as hygiene and nutrition, in addition to product-specific information. The QR coded Smart Pac allows us to do that. Wound care is all we do at Advanced Tissue,” said CEO Kevin Lamb of Arkansas-based Advanced Tissue.