Western Kentucky University developing app

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It's Never 2 Late announced a partnership with Western Kentucky University in early May.

The Bingocize® App for Seniors is a preventative health promotion program designed by Jason Crandall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Exercise Science in the School of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport in the College of Health and Human Services at Western Kentucky University.

Crandall and Jean Neils Strunjas at WKU recently received a $772,000 grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to take Bingocize into 23 Kentucky nursing homes. Crandall, who is receiving support from the Retirement Research Foundation and Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, also is working with Matthew Shake, a WKU Psychological Sciences Associate Professor. Their research indicates Bingocize® improves functional performance for older adult participants, including improvement in lower body strength, upper body strength, the two-­minute step test and gait.

“The positive results we've seen for the Bingocize program signify the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of older adults, particularly in those individuals suffering from dementia,” Crandall said.

The program is currently running in eight states. The iN2L app will be developed throughout the summer and be launched nationwide as part of the iN2L platform in the fall, according to IN2L executives.


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