Virtual assistant Samantha helps transcribe notes

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NoteSwift Inc. has debuted Samantha, a virtual assistant that can act as a medical transcriptionist or scribe for providers.

Samantha has patent-pending Parsing and Dynamic Matching that recognizes a physician's natural language after a patient encounter and automatically identifies the discrete data elements versus the narrative text, the company said. She assigns the required coding and puts notes into the Allscripts Professional electronic health record.

More EHRs will be integrated later this year, the company said.

“Samantha is a true game-changer and will disrupt the EHR charting process,” says Chris Russell, M.D., a neurologist at Peachtree Neurological Clinic and Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia, and Chief Medical Officer at NoteSwift. “I'm able to complete my patient notes much faster and with greater accuracy. The fact that I don't have to jump from screen to screen and click 100 times has reduced the anxiety that used to accompany patient note entry.”

Samantha matches dictated terms with the proper equivalent in the EHR, and detects potential conflicts or ambiguous terms, automatically prompting the user to review and correct any potential conflicts, the company said, ensuring accuracy.

Samantha is available with or without built-in speech recognition, and supports most popular medical speech recognition products.