Video-streaming activity program for seniors available for nursing homes

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Passport for Wellness, a video-streaming entertainment, exercise and activity program for seniors, is available for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and senior centers, the company said. It launched the program two months ago.

Each Passport for Wellness video uses storylines and experiences from the world and history incorporated into movement.

“Passport for Wellness changes the game of active aging,” said Marc Loyd, the program's co-founder and creator. “Each interactive adventure challenges physical mobility, promotes memory recall, and encourages social communication —0 all of which have been clinically proven to increase long-term wellness outcomes.”

Passport for Wellness videos are hosted by Hank, the train conductor. He “helps everyone get ready for the journey ahead at the start of every episode, as well as cool-down and recover after each adventure,” the company explained. As the conductor discusses his experiences, his younger self, Henry, takes over and guides participants through movement and experience immersion.

“When my residents spend time three to four times per week with Passport for Wellness, their hearts are smiling,” said Marcia Miller, founder of the Residential Home Care Network and owner of Serenity Adult Family Care Home. “We even make an event out of it. After we travel to Hawaii, for instance, we spend time after talking about a vacation to the Big Island while eating pineapple — maybe I'll even splurge on macadamia ice cream for them. They love the scenery, love the questions, and we make it into a big social.”

Subscriptions include a 30-day free trial.