Video chat available in digital healthcare system

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Video chat has been added to the Diagnotes communication platform, the company said.

Clinicians can use their preferred communication style from text to voice to video depending on the situation, the company said.

The patient-provider video communication can help care team collaboration and assist chronic disease management. It also can be used for consultations with specialists.

“We know from our daily lives that it's natural to escalate from texting to voice communication when a topic becomes more complex or urgent. If you want to have a more meaningful connection or conversation, video may be the best way to communicate. The same is true in a clinical setting,” said Dave Wortman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Diagnotes. “The potential uses for secure mobile video in healthcare are virtually limitless.”

In a pilot study, Diagnotes said it found that the health system was able to deliver reimbursable specialty care services in an effective manner to its affiliated hospital. The hospital, which was in a rural area, was able to avoid unnecessary patient transfers.