Vendors: Don't blame us for government's MDS processing problems

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Vendors quickly responded to a McKnight's report that the federal government may have to reprocess more than 100,000 validation reports because of a glitch in Medicare's new Minimum Data Set 3.0 system. Sheila Lambowitz, director of the Division of Institutional Post Acute Care at CMS, told McKnight's that the problem involved a coding error. These reports assign reimbursement utilization group codes to specific residents. She predicted that the government would remedy the problem by week's end. In the meantime, software vendors have been deluged by calls from anxious providers. She said that providers who have already submitted records will receive revised validation reports and should disregard the validation reports they already may have received. Because of the delay, CMS is not imposing penalties on nursing homes that have been late in submitting their MDS records, Lambowitz said.