Velano Vascular receives FDA clearance

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Velano Vascular
Velano Vascular

Medical technology company Velano Vascular has received Food and Drug Administration clearance for a modified version of its needle-free blood draw device.

It is designed to reduce blood draw-related discomfort and unhappiness for hospitalized patients.

The Velano device is attached to a peripheral IV catheter to draw blood directly into a vacuum tube or a syringe.

The company said it envisions adoption for clinical settings where a peripheral IV catheter is used. Skilled nursing and long-term care settings are “on the horizon,” a spokesman said.

“We rapidly implemented and pursued FDA clearance for these modifications based on input from patients and medical professionals who are using and systematically assessing our blood-draw technology,” said Eric M. Stone, co-founder and CEO of Velano Vascular.

“These enhancements reflect our customer-centric approach to introducing our technology into medical practice, both in terms of product enhancements and clinical use patterns.”

The company was founded by a patient advocate and physician. It is backed by, among others, First Round Capital, Kapor Capital, Safeguard Scientifics, White Owl Capital, Griffin Hospital, and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.