Using artificial intelligence to optimize scheduling

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If you're having a hard time scheduling just the right amount, and mix, of caregivers during each shift, one vendor thinks that artificial intelligence could be a solution.

Atlanta-based Deputy has announced the availability of its new AI-powered Auto-Scheduling tool. With it, long-term care facilities can design the optimal schedule by harnessing data analytics, and analyzing demand signals like foot traffic, seasonality, etc.

“There's too much complexity and too little time to consider everything that goes into creating a workforce's schedule, including labor laws, predictive scheduling laws and employee scheduling conflicts, not to mention time and cost optimizations for each shift,” Ashik Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Deputy, said in an announcement. “This results in suboptimal schedules that cost businesses time and money while creating significant compliance risk, which can result in hefty fees. In an age of ever-changing regulations, on a local, national and global level, auto-scheduling returns control to manager's fingertips.”

The tool — which has other features like one-click scheduling, auto-fill and labor forecasting — can be tested at