Updates made for F-tag survey app

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Regs-in-A-Flash has updated survey tags on the mobile app to reflect the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The F-Tag list now starts with 500, and allowed CMS to tighten or expand certain regulations. But in addition to CMS's release of an F-Tag Crosswalk June 30, Regs-in-a-Flash CEO Hugh Heaton spent Fourth of July weekend formatting the regulations for providers as a way to make them easier to find and follow.

“From my initial review, I believe facilities will be greatly surprised at the amount of information that has been revised/added to the new Appendix PP interpretive guidelines,” Heaton told McKnight's. “It will take some time to sort through the data to determine the effects the new guidelines will have on current facility policies, procedures and system processes.”

Each tag contains headers and footers that identify the tag's regulatory group, and each regulatory page identifies the tag number, tag description, old tag number(s), and where appropriate, if the tag has been identified by CMS as a Substandard Quality of Care deficiency tag, Heaton said.