Tubes that target ticks

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Ecohealth's Damminix Tick Tubes
Ecohealth's Damminix Tick Tubes

With a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study indicating Lyme disease cases are on the rise, a Massachusetts company that makes a product targeting deer ticks is reminding the public to be careful.

Lyme disease cases have jumped this year to 300,000, a massive increase. Deer ticks, which are often found in the Eastern United States, are the most frequent carriers of Lyme disease. Damminix Tick Tubes ®, made by Ecohealth, is the only rodent-targeting deer tick control solution, the company said.

The company's cardboard tubes are filled with permethrin-treated cotton balls, which mice collect to build their nests. As ticks feed on the mice, they are killed by the permethrin, but mice and other mammals are unharmed.