The Right Place announces SaaS offering

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The Right Place
The Right Place

The Right Place has created its first commercial SaaS offering for skilled nursing facilities.

The Right Place worked on its product with 10 facilities in the Boston area, performing beta testing for the past year.

Features include the Bed Board™ iPad app, which equips skilled nursing teams with a digital bed board, and the Case Messenger™ iPhone app, which lets clinical liaisons share data with hospital discharge planners.

“The Right Place is easy to use, puts real-time data at my fingertips, and has simplified and increased the accuracy of our care coordination process, along with enhancing our ability to make split-second census decisions,” said Christine Cooke, Director of Admissions and Marketing for Marian Manor Inc. “The iPhone app allows my clinical liaison to confidentially share patient medical information, rehab therapy needs and Medicare eligibility on the fly.”

The Right Place is offering free service through 2015, and for those that sign up this month, a $99 monthly cost per facility.