TauRX Therapeutics expands Alzheimer's disease treatment trial

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Biopharmaceutical company TauRx Therapeutics LTD has expended its international clinical trials for a new Alzheimer's disease treatment.

The LMTX™ is being evaluated in Phase 3 clinical trials for Alzheimer's. The compound, a second-generation tau aggregation inhibitor, targets tangles of tau protein that is linked to the progression of dementia, according to executive chairman and co-founder Claude Wischik, a professor at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

"Only by participating in clinical studies such as ours, can we collectively — in partnership with those living with Alzheimer's — help advance the essential research that can result in the development of new medicines for this terminal medical condition,” he said.

The expansion of centers means eligible patients in areas that include Bennington, VT; Farmington Hills, MI; Waukesha, WI; and Creve Coeur, MO, can participate.


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