Strategic alliance announced

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CareCentrix has announced a strategic development alliance with Owned Outcomes in order to help post-acute networks.

Owned Outcomes has analyzed 100 million patients records, allowing it to see patterns and dangerous gaps in care, said Anita Pramoda, CEO of Owned Outcomes.

"Barriers to care come from a variety of factors, including those stemming from socio-economic and cultural concerns. By predicting where potential pitfalls are, we may be in a better position to help patients avoid them,” she said.

CareCentrix partners with providers for improved outcomes and efficient care delivery, and has headquarters in Connecticut.

"We are using advanced algorithms to transform how post-acute care is delivered," explained John Driscoll, CEO of CareCentrix. "With what we know through Big Data, we can tune our post-acute network based on each health plan's patient population, and enable better decisions for each individual patient's care."


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