Stop the Mop campaign launched

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Kaivac, which manufactures the No-Touch and Omniflex professional cleaning systems, has launched the Stop the Mop campaign as a way to discuss healthier floor care methods. has information about the contaminants spread by mops. Stop the Mop solutions will be at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show in Chicago Oct. 25-28.

"Today, even though we have access to effective and affordable technology that removes 99.9 percent of targeted bacteria, the vast majority of professional cleaners still use mops — an old, some would say, medieval method that only removes about 50 percent of targeted bacteria. That is why we launched this campaign."

The Stop the Mop website uses data from scientific studies conducted by Charles Gerba, Ph.D., Jay Glasel, Ph.D., the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts, and Kaivac's research.