SigmaCare launches ePrescribing tool

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SigmaCare has launched an ePrescribing solution, enabling providers to meet compliance standards with the New York State ePrescribing Mandate.

The mandate is effective March 27. Long-term care providers can now meet workflow requirements such as direct physician sign-off for all prescriptions, the company said. 

Physicians can use a mobile app that lets them look at order requests, view resident information and sign off on orders anywhere.

“The New York State ePrescribing Mandate will be a game-changer for LTPAC and is likely a precedent for complete ePrescribing across the country as the industry moves away from paper prescriptions,” said Steve Pacicco, CEO of SigmaCare. “By offering a complete ePrescribing solution, we can help providers eliminate the likelihood of transcription mistakes, deliver medications more quickly, and ultimately, enhance clinical outcomes through more efficient prescribing processes from admission to discharge.”