SCA introduces cream and washcloths

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SCA introduces cream and washcloths
SCA introduces cream and washcloths

SCA launched a new line of TENA® Protective Cream and Washcloths in September.

The TENA Skincare system comprises 21 individual products and is organized into three categories based on functionality: "Cleanse (no rinse)," which includes TENA Cleansing Creams, and TENA UltraFlush, Ultra and Classic washcloths, "Cleanse (rinse off)," which includes Body Wash and Shampoo, and "Protect," which includes Protective Cream. 

The line is designed to be gentle and effective, and includes a cleansing cream, body wash and shampoo. TENA® Cleansing Cream, which provides specialized preventative skin care for elderly residents, is over 5 times more moisturizing than a leading no-rinse cleanser and 7 times more moisturizing than soap and water, the company said. 

The TENA Skincare assortment was re-designed to be more visually appealing and enable quick product recognition to help caregivers address the individual skin needs of elderly patients, the company said.

"Our customers have consistently touted the benefits of TENA skincare products, but we wanted to simplify our approach to product categorization, packaging and formulation to create a total care system that better reflects the needs of professional caregivers and helps them deliver improved skin health for their elderly patients," said Jessica Lan, Skin Care Product Manager, SCA Personal Care North America. 


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