Pharmacy syringes can help with safety

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MediDose ENFit
MediDose ENFit

Medi-Dose/EPS has started marketing the NeoConnectTM line of ENFit Compliant and Compatible Products. The EnFit syringes range from 1 mL to 60 mL.

Options include non-sterile in clear with purple graduations, non-sterile in ultraviolet inhabitant amber with white graduations and sterile in the amber with white graduations.

They “help ensure proper dosing accuracy throughout the filling and dispensing process while our ENFit compatible Syringe-to-Syringe Couplers enable you to connect two Neoconnect syringes to facilitate patient-specific dosing.”

“The proper delivery of medication is of paramount concern to patients and healthcare professionals,” said company president Bob Braverman. “The NeoConnect Enfit Compliant and Compatible product line helps pharmacy and all those involved with the safe handling of enteral medication meet these goals.”


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