PDI announces winner in contest

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Oakwood Healthcare in Michigan was selected the winner of a PDI contest focused on infection prevention and environmental services.

Oakwood Healthcare's infection preventionist, Priscila Bercea, worked with environmental services regional manager Alissa Bachnak, along with other staff, to address poor compliance with routine cleaning of high-touch areas and multi-use equipment, overuse of bleach products resulting in surface damage and general education deficiencies around product use, PDI said.

They were able to install brackets on mobile equipment to promote ease-of-use, place education posters and stickers on products, establish a monthly Infection Control Liaison Program and attend corporate IP and ES meetings. They also put recognizable products in specific rooms.

Bercea and Bachnak will be a part of a presentation on Oakwood Healthcare's success during the 2015 APIC conference this month, and will be at the AHE Exchange in Texas in September.


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