Partnership creates security solutions

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Connexient and CriticalArc have formed a partnership to integrate Connexient's MediNav Navigator Edition 2.0 with CriticalArc's SafeZone security response and emergency management solution. It will help organizations respond better to security and emergency incidents.

MediNav Navigation provides users with indoor maps, indoor navigation and location-based services for residents, visitors and staff. It is powered by Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and handset sensor fusion technology.

SafeZone allows users to share locations and operational intelligence through Smartphones and the control room. It can send real-time geo-located alerts during incidents.

Connexient's indoor navigation tools combined with CriticalArc's safety and security solution will create a solution that helps share location information and incident details in an efficient way.

"SafeZone empowers first responders and incident managers through real time shared location information and incident details sent simultaneously to the control room and to mobile responders in the field,” said Glenn Farrant, the CriticalArc co-founder and CEO. “Integrating Connexient's indoor maps and navigation services will enable us to extend the benefits and unique capabilities of the SafeZone solution to large, complex buildings and indoor environments, and add the new and unique element of indoor navigation."

The companies said the solution would be beneficial for long-term care facilities and hospitals of any size.