Olea Sensor Networks releases monitoring device

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Olea Sensor Networks
Olea Sensor Networks

Olea Sensor Networks has debuted the the OS-3008 with OleaSenseTM software analytics for remote health monitoring applications.

The wireless device can extract vital signs information and transmit information via Bluetooth. The design, smaller than a business card, can be embedded in a setback or on a bed, or worn around the neck.

"The OS-3008 with OleaSenseTM is an advanced sensing technology capable of unprecedented reliability and accuracy," explained Frank Morese, Olea CEO and founder, "and we believe that it also offers the advantage of an additional layer of privacy for enhanced HIPAA compliance when used by healthcare professionals thanks to its Olea HeartSignatureTM biometric identification capabilities.”

Olea launched its flagship product, the OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Platform, in 2013


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