NSL celebrations Senior Virtual Bowling Week

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National Senior Virtual Bowling Week is taking place this week in senior facilities around the country.

The program, organized and managed by the National Senior League, had more than 1,200 senior bowlers last year, when it raised a total of $6,500. The program supports the Star Neuroscience Foundation and a limited number of state Alzheimer's/dementia programs.

Each community has a self-appointed “coach,” generally the activity director. Bowlers roll one game during the designated week and are asked to contribute $5 to the cause. The “coach” collects the contributions and sends a check along with the community name and the number of bowlers who participated to the NSL.

“Although contributions are not mandatory, almost everyone supports the cause,” noted Dennis Berkholtz, founder and president of the NSL. Berkholtz, a 1972 and 1976 Olympic athlete in team handball, created the NSL in 2009.