Nortek Security & Control adds health measurement data capturing

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Nortek Security & Control LLC has added health measurement data capturing capabilities via wireless connection to their Numera® Libris® mPERS solution, the company said. This will allow users to integrate health data to create empowerment and early intervention.

Libris also connects wirelessly with common medical devices such as pulse oximeters, blood pressure gauges, scales and thermometers. Data is automatically uploaded to the EverThere platform.

"Libris and EverThere in seniors' lives means cooperation between families and other caregivers is possible like never before — with the goal of producing positive health outcomes such as providing health related insights to induce active participation in wellness, strengthening prevention activities, reducing health-related costs and managing chronic conditions proactively,” said Tim Smokoff, group vice president health & wellness, Nortek Security & Control.

Health data services will be available in Numera Libris and EverThere in spring 2016.