New tunnel washer debuts

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LLT Ride On Shuttle
LLT Ride On Shuttle

Lavatec Laundry Technology introduced the Ride-On Shuttle, the LT50 110-pound continuous tunnel washer, during the 2017 Clean Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Cintas has purchased the first Ride-On Shuttle, the company said, along with the Lavatex LX445, a 450-pound open pocket, two-way tilting washer extractor and a Laundry TT-756 G, a 450-pound pass-through single tilting gas fired dryer. Cintas will put the machines in operation at a New York facility in the third quarter, Lavatec said.

“The Ride-On Shuttle gives an operator the ability to control washers, dryers and the rail system from the safety of a technology-driven cockpit,” Keith Ware, Lavatec vice president of sales, said. “Like other Lavatec equipment, it is simple to run, easy to maintain and it will run for a long time. Most everything an operator needs to do can be done from the protected area.”