New process for infection control

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E-Mist Innovations has partnered with Next Level 11 to create an end-to-end infection control system process in the healthcare setting.

The new delivery system uses E-Mist's patented electrostatic disinfectant application system with Next Level 11's Test, Track, Treat and Train protocol for bacterial eradication.

Next Level 11 developed the BACTRACK square, an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) monitoring system which allows users to track contamination and maintenance levels on equipment. This allows leadership to log in to a dashboard and view monthly trends and see which areas are at risk for contamination.

“We truly believe that this combined solution will change the way the healthcare industry treats and combats infections,” said George Robertson, CEO, E-Mist Innovations. “For years it's been impossible to know if surfaces are healthy. With this tracking technology, along with surface treatment through electrostatic technology — we now have a sophisticated solution that monitors, manages, tracks and provides real-time bacteria level results to users. We are now able to identify where bacteria is located — even down to an area as specific as an IV pole — and use E-Mist systems to disinfect the equipment or area.”    

E-Mist recently launched the BackPack System, a new, mobile cordless electrostatic application system.