New features for talent management application

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Boston-based HealthcareSource has added two new features to its product, aiming to make it easier for long-term care leaders to acquire and manage talent.

Hiring managers and recruiters, for one, can now easily text applicants through the app during any part of the hiring process, with the company hopes can help with “alleviating the phone tag game, as well as meeting the needs of the on-the-go workforce.”

The other addition, meanwhile, is called “AutoOIG,” which HealthcareSource says is both a time saver and tool to improve compliance. It allows long-term care managers to automatically check applicants' names against the list of excluded individuals that's maintained by the Office of the Inspector General. Providers who receive federal funding, the company notes, are subject to monetary penalties if they happen to hire an excluded individual. “Searching this list is a simple task, but it is also repetitive — and missing just one can be costly,” the company said in an announcement.

More about the additions, which are both part of the vendor's Senior Living Talent Suite, can be found at