'Living floor' debuts

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Signature Flooring and Georgia Tech Research Institute announced they have created a “Living Floor” that providers a resident safety monitoring system for senior living facilities.

Signature Flooring went to Georgia Tech Research Institute to create a flooring system that can help predict and prevent falls before they happen, the company said. By using piezoelectric sensing technology integrated into Signature's commercial flooring products, providers should be better able to track falls. The calibrations send a message to caregivers, and allow data collection such as footstep count, trips to the bathroom and duration of inactivity.

“Movement is a powerful indicator of vitality. Currently, it is difficult to accurately and noninvasively measure a resident's patterns of motion. By tracking a resident's movement over time, one can determine when movement slows, and make proper adjustments to exercise/safety routines. If you can measure something, you can improve it,” said Signature Flooring Vice President of Sales and Marketing John McIntosh.

The working prototype will be displayed at LeadingAge next week in New Orleans.