Limited release of handheld pulse co-oximeter

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Masimo has announced the limited market release of Spot-Check Rad-67™ Handheld Pulse CO-Oximeter®.

While Rad-67 is not yet available for sale in the United States, in Europe providers can consider the Rad-67, which allows non-invasive monitoring via a spot-check of oxygen saturation and SpHb. Next Generation SpHb, enabled when Rad-67 and the DCI-mini sensor are used together, significantly advances the forefront of noninvasive portable hemoglobin spot-checking, the company said.

Rad-67 gives historical data review directly on the device, with unique patient identifiers. It can connect to portable printed and can be sent to an electronic medical record when used with Masimo Iris Gateway™ or Patient SafetyNet™*.


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