Intelligent Dispensing releases second generation ScrubTrak

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Iowa-based Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has announced the release of the second generation ScrubTrak, which is designed to better manage scrub inventory.

When an employee checks out a pair of scrubs from a ScrubTrak medical vending machine, that action is tied to pieces of information such as a user ID and an employee account number. Powered by iQ Technology, ScrubTrak uses cloud-based technology for inventory management and reporting through a software platform. The newest version should help healthcare administrators maintain better inventory and data management.

New features include letting users choose individual sizes for tops and bottoms separately from dispensing units. There is flexibility with eight different selections per unit, and the unit's slimmer profile meets OSHA guidelines for placement in hallways. The return unit now features three slots.

"It is terrific to see the enthusiasm IDS customers have for the release of the second-generation ScrubTrak," commented Emily Fischer, National Sales Manager of IDS.

"Our customers were clear that they wanted a future with ScrubTrak that helps them address a growing demand to reduce scrub shrinkage, decrease laundering costs, and increase employee productivity within their organizations.”


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