Hospice organizations joins network

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Ascend Hospice has joined the 1-800-HOSPICE network, RingBoost announced.

1-800-HOSPICE is a national network of hospices that uses RingBoost services. Ascend has secured the rights to use the 1-800-HOSPICE marketing phone number in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

"Hospices continue to see the benefits of joining the 1-800-HOSPICE network to maintain a vital presence in their communities," said 1-800-HOSPICE™ business development director Christophe Adrien. "Using advanced telephone communications tools and utilizing the most memorable phone number in the field is the most effective way for a hospice to establish and maintain community outreach programs."

One study has found up to 60% of hospice enrollments occurred through telephone outreach alone, compared with around 40% who enrolled after being referred through a community-based specialist palliative care program.


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