Health company expands its medication history for reconciliation for LTPAC

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Surescripts announced it has expanded its Medication History for Reconciliation (MHR) service to long-term and post-acute care facilities, and is now serving users of SigmaCare and Homecare Homebase.

The company said it had already delivered more than 200,000 patient medication histories to users in LTPAC settings. Providers get instant access to 12-month historical views of patients' medication data sourced from pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies. This can be used to improve medication adherence and make better decisions about care, the company said, as well as reduce manual transcription errors.

“Many patients in LTPAC facilities and seniors with in-home care have multiple medications prescribed by several doctors,” said Mike Pritts, Chief Product Officer of Surescripts. “With Surescripts, providers can easily access their patients' medication data, helping them make better-informed decisions that improve care and safety.”

SigmaCare adopted Surescripts Medication History in April 2016. Last year Homecare Homebase became the first post-acute software provider to make Surescripts Medication History service available to its users, the company said. Its software is being used by 77,000 field clinicians serving more than 400,000 patients daily.