EHOB introduces Position Perfect System

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Position Perfect System
Position Perfect System

EHOB Inc., has released the Position Perfect System, which includes two foam, non-skid wedges, the clinically proven WAFFLE Mattress Overlay, and the WAFFLE M.A.D. Hand Pump.

Both wedges are made with non-skid material. The first Position Perfect wedge is designed to be placed under the back of a patient resting on the WAFFLE Mattress Overlay to support the back and shoulders; the second wedge is recommended for placement under the patient's thighs to support the lower body. The air-filled WAFFLE Mattress Overlay is made to fit directly on top of an existing mattress to cradle the body, provide protection and treatment for pressure ulcers, and offer pain management.  

The overlay has air-venting holes to dissipate heat and moisture, and a low-profile design for greater stability and patient safety.

The WAFFLE M.A.D. Hand Pump, which is included, provides non-electrical, exact inflation for the overlay for therapeutic effectiveness.