Dementia app may help those with Alzheimer's

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Remember Me!, a new smartphone app designed by Cornell University students, debuted at the 123rd Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education St. Lawrence Conference.

The app can be installed on the phones of the patient and friends, family and caregivers. It will flash an alert to the patient when a member of the group is nearby, giving the patient information about who is approaching and his/her relationship to the person. It will display a slideshow of previously uploaded pictures. A phone call or text will include similar information.

“In anyone with a memory loss, the first thing you do is to show them pictures and see if they are able to get back the memories,” Cornell engineering master's degree graduates Karthik Venkataramaiah explained.

When a conversation begins, the app can give reminders based on previous conversations or stored facts.

The developers said they want to apply natural-language processing techniques on the patient's speech patterns to predict what the patient might say next and also work on an important life events feature that would provoke a “call this person” suggestion.

Caregivers can send reminders to make phone calls or complete tasks and can use the GPS feature to locate the patient.

Remember Me! Is currently available on Android, with an iOS version in development.


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