Consultancy offers interim staffing for nursing homes

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A Minneapolis-based consulting firm has announced that it's now helping long-term care providers fill positions, both on an interim and permanent basis.

Health Dimensions Group, which consults in post-acute care and senior living, wants to help nursing homes across the country to fill positions in what it says is a challenging labor market, plagued with “alarming” retention rates. The firm says that it has a “comprehensive network” of vetted candidates, and is willing to offer ongoing support from its team as a facilities transition to new employees.

“The statistics vary, but even the most generous put annual turnover among healthcare workers in the range of 35 percent,” Sarah Friede, executive recruiter with HDG, said in an announcement. “And the total cost of replacement, including training and loss of productivity, can range from 90 to 200 percent of an employee's salary. By shortening the placement, training and ramp-up times, we can significantly lower those costs while assuring organizations can continue to provide the highest quality of care.”

HDG's Rolodex includes interim and permanent candidates to fill roles ranging from licensed nursing administrator to executive director, head of operations or clinical nurse consultants. The firm says that it also has a team on hand to help with any of the challenges that come with those specific roles.