Community center commends device for memory loss

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The Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre said it found that 86% of its patients with poor medication compliance achieved 80% compliance through Reminder Rosie.

The Reminder Rosie device is geared to help those with memory loss take their medications.

The pilot focused on 11 patients and, while small, those involved said it helped  with mild dementia. Additionally, researchers estimated a cost savings of up to $6,000 related to less need for staff to follow up on medication compliance.

LifeAssist Technologies manufactures Reminder Rosie, which is a voice reminder alarm clock that lets caregivers record up to 25 personalized messages.

“You don't have to learn anything new, and Rosie looks like a familiar digital alarm clock from the 1980s,” Rotman said. “All you have to do is record your messages and they play at certain times. So if your dad needs to take his medication at 3 p.m., you simply record a message that says, ‘Dad, it's time to take your medication.'”

While used for those in home care in the pilot, Life Assist is expecting the Rosie system to grow in use for residents who struggle with medication compliance.