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Nearly half of all business-to-business marketing dollars (47%) are now spent online, according to a joint survey by Hearst Electronics Group and Goldstein Group Communications. "The survey's goal was both simple and straightforward," said William Barron, vice president and publishing director for The Hearst Electronics Group. "Identify how companies are allocating dollars, what's working and, most importantly, why. The most advanced marketers today build balanced programs that incorporate multiple points of contact with their targets, from print to online to shows to direct. The survey reinforced that budgeting shouldn't be a search for the 'magic bullet' but instead must follow a disciplined and proactive strategy." Barron added that print advertising remains the "single largest program in the budget for an important reason. Research from all the main trade publishing companies, including Hearst, Reed and the online firm Techinsights, shows that prospects spend a majority of their time in print when researching products and suppliers. The key point for marketing today is that it is an 'and' not 'or' world, meaning that customers use both print and online tools.”


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