Cloud vendor gives more freedom to software developers

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Cloud vendor PointClickCare is allowing software developers more freedom to build upon its technology.

The company announced recently that it's launching a new “developer program,” which allows third-party software creators a streamlined, easier way to add to its platform, and providers to customize to better provide care. PointClickCare claims it's the first long-term care vendor to offer a full self-service developer program such as this.

“PointClickCare is continually looking for new ways to add value for our customers and one of those ways is to make it easier to expand their systems to suit their unique needs,” David Belbeck, executive vice president of corporate development, said in a press release. “Through our new Developer Program, not only are we enabling integration between health systems and their post-acute providers, but we're supporting a burgeoning developer community and improving patient care through innovative new solutions.”

The Mississauga, Ontario, company is one of the top EHR vendors in skilled nursing, with a roughly 60% market share, and hopes this is an easier way for the long-term and post-acute care field to customize how it uses the tech, and provide care in a better fashion. “Ultimately, the goal is to be able to empower our customers and health systems to work smarter and better together, and with the right tools, we can help them achieve better care coordination across the continuum,” Bill Phelan, senior VP of product management, said in the announcement.