Care coordination platforms to partner

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SigmaCare has announced a partnership with DrFirst that will integrate Backline®, DrFirst's secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and care-collaboration technology, into the SigmaCare EHR platform.

Backline is designed for clinical use to ease care transitions, and allows those using the SigmaCare EHR to securely send and receive messages. This includes an ability to communicate with staff in referring facilities and provide care updates to patient caregivers.

“The need for exceptional, secure, mobile care collaboration in the LTPAC arena is key to fostering successful integrated care and patient support,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “While all doctors and nurses are on the frontline of care, the long-term and post-acute care component operates broadly and remotely on a day-to-day basis as patients transition over the course of their care.”

In 2015 the companies integrated DrFirst's EPCS Gold℠ controlled substance e-prescribing technology to SigmaCare EHR. This allowed for electronic ordering for controlled substances and two-factor authentication.