AI healthcare practice for patients debuts

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IPSoft announced it has launched Amelia Healthcare Practice with a release will target "operational and administrative processes" for improvement for providers and patients, the company said.

Amelia offers human-like conversational intelligence, analytics and execution, allowing providers to spend less time on routine processes, the company said. This could include booking rooms or coordinating patient transfers, or coordinating tests.

“We have seen the hype about AI's ability to find cures for major diseases overnight. Now it is time to recover AI's reputation by applying advanced cognitive technology to the daily operations of the sector in order to provide demonstrable benefits to patients and the organizations who treat them,” said Chetan Dube, IPsoft President and CEO.

Insurers may be able to use Amelia to answer questions about eligibility and coverage or to manage claims.

The healthcare AI market is expected to hit $6.6 billion by 2021. IPSoft has headquarters in New York City.


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