AHT to offer ICD-10 training

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American HealthTech has announced the launch of comprehensive ICD-10 educational and support resources available to its customer base via the company's MyHealthTech portal.

The ICD-10 code set is due to replaced ICD-9 codes by Oct. 1, 2014. The codes apply to all HIPAA-compliant healthcare provider reports, including MDS 3.0.

“At American HealthTech, we've taken the lead by partnering with ICD-10 experts to ensure we have the best-in-class resources needed to educate our customer base now so we can help ensure our provider organizations have an effective plan ready to go,” said Teresa Chase, president of American HealthTech.

Resources include an ICD-10 training schedule, webinar series, monthly e-newsletter, spotlight website and personal support services, plus setting up meetings with customers.