AHT, COMS announce interoperable solution

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American HealthTech and COMS Interactive have announced an interoperable solution available in three packages.

COMS and AHT have been partners for close to five years and want to help nurses manage higher acuity and more complex residents, said Jim Riemenschneider, co-founder of COMS Interactive.

“The best way to do that was to deliver interoperable COMS content through the American HealthTech system,” he said. 

The three packages are:

  • Admission Package: Offers COMS assessments during the first 72 hours of admission process; subscription free for the first 12 months.
  • Nursing Package: Offers COMS clinical data, assessments and insights that are related to the individual resident. Allows evidence-based, disease-specific care with a person-centered approach.
  • Comprehensive Package: Includes all the Nursing Package features, allows reporting and analytics to drill down and understand care team competency and trends in care.