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Forecast Health and Mission Health Partners announced a partnership to improved quality of care for patients. Mission Health Partners is an accountable care organization serving close to 80,000 people. It partners with more than 100 medical groups and runs six hospitals, outpatient and surgery centers, post-acute and long-term acute care facilities and the region's only dedicated Level II trauma center.

“It isn't enough to just use predictive analytics to learn which patients may experience an adverse event,” said Rob Fields, M.D., Mission Health Partners' Medical Director.  “We need to go beyond just predicting risk. Forecast Health enables us to also identify which patients are impactable, and by which of our services. This lets us smartly focus our resources where we can make the greatest difference.”

Forecast Health uses clinical and claims data, plus socioeconomic data points, to identify patients at high risk for adverse events.

“Being able to accurately distinguish between all patients who are at risk and those whose outcomes are impactable has eluded the healthcare analytics industry for years,” said Michael Cousins, Forecast Health's Chief Analytics Officer. “But it's a distinction that can have a significant financial impact on an organization like Mission Health Partners, so we are pleased to be the first to have overcome this challenge.”


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