Accounting software vendor makes Maine its 21st state

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An accounting software vendor continues to push expansion across the country, making Maine its 21st state.

Intellitec Solutions has announced that it just inked a deal with a long-term care facility in the Pine Tree State. With that, the provider is utilizing software that allows the facility seamless connections between accounting, clinical and business management.

In an announcement, Rick Sommer, president of Intellitec, said many long-term care organizations are looking for help with how to handle their advanced-reporting requirements. Most long-term care providers utilize separate systems to manage clinical, accounting, documents, human resources and payroll, but Intellitec's solutions allow the integration of data across those spaces.

“Many senior living facilities are coming to us to get meaningful reports out of their system without a great deal of cumbersome work. We help them restructure their accounts to have a more effective reporting solution. As these organizations grow, they are able to have more control,” Sommer said in a statement.