Valentine's Day

After sending hundreds of handmade cards to local nursing home residents over Christmas, a New Jersey 3 year old turned her attention to ensuring seniors feel loved on Valentine’s Day. 

“Our mission is to bring love and joy to the elderly, who may be feeling lonely and isolated and brighten their day and also inspire others to do the same,” said Husniye Singer,   the mother of Bella Singer, whose inspiration to send cards came from her grandfather’s paintings.

During the weeks before recent holidays, Bella decided to draw cards featuring a Christmas tree and ornaments for nursing home residents and seniors in her community. “An act of kindness will bring some extra joy to the elderly and brighten their days,” her mother explained.

The personalized cards were such a hit at local facilities, leaders requested she make cards for seniors with upcoming birthdays. She’s also planning to continue the tradition for all holidays, with Valentine’s Day up next, her mother told local media. 

“We receive a lot of love and appreciation from seniors, which gives our family joy in knowing we are touching other people’s lives,” she said. 

“It seems clear that Bella’s inspiration was the result of seeing all those paintings throughout the home,” she added. “It’s a good reminder that the small things we do in life still matter.”