A matrix impregnated with both ionic and metallic silver helps heal stagnant or deteriorating chronic wounds, scientists recently demonstrated.

Entering the study, 35 wounds of various types had been nonhealing for a median of 39 weeks, each with suspected, persistent microbial colonization not responding to traditional antimicrobial products or antibiotics.

But the new matrix showed quick results, according to study results in Wounds.  

“Inclusion of the matrix in the treatment plan helped jump-start the healing process of these stalled wounds,” reported the researchers, led by surgeons at the University of North Carolina Health Sciences at Mountain Area Health Education Center. “Within three weeks, 72% of wounds demonstrated significantly improved healing; within 12 weeks, 91% of wounds either healed completely or significantly improved.” 

Imbed Biosciences already makes a matrix product, which has been approved as a wound dressing for surgical wounds, burn wounds and chronic ulcers. This study was the first human trial designed to evaluate its effectiveness in the management of hard-to-heal wounds.