Raul Valdes-Perez, Chief Executive Officer, OnlyBoth

A company offering nursing home analytics has expanded to include a hospital benchmarking system, allowing skilled nursing operators to easily see data on mortality, readmissions and safety. Through OnlyBoth, individual nursing homes also can view all their performance not just on specific measures, but in comparison to other facilities.

Chief Executive Officer Raul Valdes-Perez said the system’s goals include allowing users to find data in an easier way.

“Many public reports make it burdensome for the audience to understand that data,” he told McKnight’s. “You can go through the sites and look at individual data elements, but you have to decide for yourself what is noteworthy and what is not. We’ve done a complete rethinking of benchmarking and analysis.”

Skilled nursing providers, for example, can use OnlyBoth to look at specific hospitals and other referral partners. They also can look at competitor nursing homes and compare across multiple facilities, looking at parameters such as outcomes. The result is a deeper understanding of how one nursing home compares to others, Valdes-Perez said.

He noted that his benchmarking tool replaces the need for intense, complicated research, and gives the user more objective information.

“The big picture is that we are not working in isolation,” he said. “The audience we are addressing is anyone who wants simple, quick answers to how certain providers stand out.”

The nursing home component launched earlier this year, and the hospital aspects debuted in September. Next up is dialysis facilities, he said.

The project was originally developed with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms under a National Science Foundation grant at Carnegie Mellon University.